President’s gun ‘actions’ prove superficial

Richard Feldman, of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, describes President Obama’s executive actions as “superficial” and says they’re similar to those issued in 2013.

President Obama’s “New Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence” sound pretty good on a superficial reading, and some may indeed be helpful.

For example, keep guns out of the wrong hands. Well, gee whiz — who wants them in the wrong hands? Certainly not legitimate gun owners.

And having the FBI hire more examiners to help with background checks — good idea, since the president and his gun control proposals are (oddly) responsible for the sale of more guns to more Americans than at any time in history, and we don’t want backups at the retail gun counter.

What are the troublesome proposals? Well, is it really necessary to become a federally licensed gun dealer for the occasional sale of a couple of guns? I’ve sold guns to friends, my police chief and a couple of relatives during the past 10 years. Should I have to obtain a license? Where is the president’s proposal to reduce the theft of 500,000 guns a year? Maybe he forgot about the biggest source of crime guns: Criminals steal them!

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