So can you suppress a Romanian PSL? (VIDEO)

The Romanian PSL, a Dragunov-like clone, is a gassy girl that is supposedly unable to mount a suppressor. Well the Military Arms Channel has a fix for that.

Commonly confused with the Soviet SVD Dragunov marksman rifle, the PSL is in reality based on the RPK light machine gun and is somewhat over-gassed, making it troublesome with hot and heavy loads. This means that adding a tad moe’ pressure to this Eastern European rifle through the use of a can will, arguably, result in about the same thing as crossing the streams on proton pack beams.

Unless, that is, if you make some gentle mods as shown above, though MAC describes the conversion as a “pretty sketchy operation.”

So do not try this at home, folks.

Though we have to admit, the Griffin Armament Recce 7 can sure looks sweet on that long-barreled Romanian.

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