FL deputy runs into unexpected surprise while on patrol

baby delivered on side of the road baby delivered on side of the road

While sitting in a patrol car last Friday around 8 a.m., Deputy Erik DeAngelis got an unexpected surprise when a car pulled up asking for help.

The occupants explained that one of the passengers, Dayshon Carr, was pregnant and in labor. DeAngelis quickly went to work, assisting Carr in the initial stages of labor while waiting for paramedics, who showed up soon thereafter.

Marion County Fire Rescue paramedics Andrew Cole and Chad Poynter took over, while DeAngelis continued to assist. Within minutes, Carr had successfully delivered a beautiful baby girl right there on the side of the road.

The following week, all of those involved in the delivery including Dianne Graham-Miller, who comforted Carr over the phone the entire time, reunited with the mom and baby.  Among them was Nikki Brooks, a nurse who happened to be driving by and also stopped to assist with the birth.

Mom and baby, who was named Lashawn Carr, are said to be doing just fine.

[ Marion County Sheriff’s Office ]

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