Italian woman enlists firefighters to help remove chastity belt

chastity belt rescue

A woman showed up at an Italian fire station in a somewhat unusual predicament. The woman explained she needed help with a lock and while firefighters initially believed she had been locked out of her home, it wasn’t until she lifted her clothing to reveal an iron chastity belt, that they realized it was a bit more complicated than that.

The woman explained that she was unable to remove the device because she could not find the keys, despite several attempts to locate them.

The firefighters quickly worked to remove the chastity belt by breaking the lock, before further probing the woman about the device, essentially ensuring she was not forced to wear it. The woman explained she simply opted to wear it willingly.

Both the firefighters involved in the fiasco, as well as the woman, were reported to be extremely embarrassed over the ordeal.

[ The Telegraph ]

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