Teen shoots self while trying to hide gun from cop (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old who was fidgeting in an attempt to hide a gun during a traffic stop in Jacksonville, Florida, Friday night accidentally shot himself.

The stop was initiated after the officer noticed the SUV, which was occupied by five adults and one infant, did not have working headlights, but did have a heavy smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

As the officer was talking with the driver of the vehicle, he heard a single gunshot come from the car, followed by screams that someone in the back of the vehicle had been shot. The officer immediately drew his service weapon and had all of the occupants exit the vehicle.

The injured teen was taken to the hospital, along with the infant – who was not injured, but found to have a fever – and the baby’s mother. The teen’s injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Marijuana was found in the vehicle and one of the occupants had an outstanding warrant for a burglary charge. Other charges are pending.

[ WPXI ]

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