Rite in the Rain making life outdoors more livable for 100 years

Rite in the Rain's 2016 SHOT Show display

Rite in the Rain’s 2016 SHOT Show display. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Rite in the Rain provides hunters and anyone who works or plays outdoors an array of paper and ink products that will not only allow you to write in the rain, but importantly, be able to use and read the material later.

The company is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. Their specially coated paper will endure through exposure to the elements — including being entirely soaked.

Print your own target with RITR paper.

Print your own target with RITR paper. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

The paper can be written on wet or dry with pencil, their own Rite in the Rain pens, wax markers, and crayons. A wide array of products are available for first responders, hunters, and adventurers, packaged in the bright or drab colors associated with each of these pursuits.

True life stories over many decades of Rite in the Rain products abound, according to company rep Jim Kopriva. From a military sniper in hostile territory concealing crucial intel on Rite in the Rain paper inside his mouth, to surveyors losing critical data into the Colombia River, only to be found months later having been carried downriver and still completely readable.

A few Rite in the Rain offerings.

A few Rite in the Rain offerings. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Want to print your own zeroing targets on Rite in the Rain paper? No problem — the paper will run through a laser printer and re-create your targets.

Currently, paper can be ordered in 8.5 x 11 inches, but, as company rep Jim Kopriva said, “If there’s one message I’ve gotten here, it’s that people want larger targets on this paper.” By this time next year, I expect we’ll see that.

From a wide array of vigorous outdoor applications to everyday note taking reminders, Rite in the Rain has stood the test of time and elements. What better way to journal all the important aspects of day to day life.

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