Magpul debuts extended 9mm Glock mags

Magpul drops extended Glock mags

From right to left, you have Magpul’s 27, 21, 17 and 15 round Glock mags. The first two are new to the market. (Photo: Ben Philippi/

Magpul has a number of new products at SHOT 2016 to include a set of 21 and 27-round extended mags for 9mm double-stack Glock pistols with a special allowance for competition shooters.

Besides lots of stock and furniture options such as the MOE SL-K, PRS Gen3 and UBR Gen 2, the Texas-based company came correct to Las Vegas with a bunch of new magazine options. We noticed several AK/AKM and Remington 700 offerings but two mags that really stood out were for the Glock series.

While Magpul started producing flush-fit standard capacity mags for the Glock 17 and 19 last year, the new aftermarket stick mags for America’s most popular gun are extended capacity.

Magpul drops extended Glock mags

The 21 GL9 and 27 GL9 are both designed with tolerances for overall length to meet competition requirements (Photo: Ben Philippi/

The 27 GL9, as its name alludes to, is a 27-round Glock 9mm handgun magazine that falls inside the overall length requirements for a 170mm competition mag, an important consideration in 3Gun, IPSC, and USPSA matches and meets the growing trend in pistol-caliber AR-lowers that use Glock magazines as standard.

The 21 GL9, gives 21-shot capacity while remaining under 140mm overall length, again, an important standard in some matches in IPSC Open/USPSA Limited competitions.

Glock themselves are also giving a nod to competition-ready guns with their new MOS series update to the G17 and G19, introduced to the U.S. market at SHOT this week.

Magpul drops extended Glock mags

All of Magpul’s Glock mags feature orange feed ramps (Photo: Ben Philippi/

Both of the new mags are compatible with all double-stack Glocks and have witness holes on both sides of the body to keep track of rounds. The floorplates are flared, removable and have a dot-matrix panel on the bottom for easy marking. They will accept Magpul’s GL-L protective plates.

MSRP is $19.95 for the 21 and $21.95 for the 27 which compares favorably to both imported Korean after-market magazines and Glock’s own factory 33-rounders.

Magpul reps tell they expect to be shipping this summer.

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