New from Camillus Knives for 2016

Heat, Wildfire and Sizzle

Camillus Knives: Heat, Wildfire and Sizzle. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

Celebrating 140 years of knife-making, Camillus Knives is ringing in the year with the unveiling of several new knives: Heat, Wildfire and Sizzle. While the company offers traditional, tactical, and tool-oriented blade designs, I took interest in their newest, affordable, tactical offerings.

The selections shown here all feature blades that are unique to Camillus. The blades are coated with titanium in a patented process that produces carbonitride titanium. The end result is a blade with a more durable edge, is scratch/corrosion-resistant, and adhesion resistant — meaning that field dressing is easier and cleaner, as clotting blood won’t adhere as easily on the blade.


The Camillus Rage. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

An exciting new trio of spring-assisted folders is new in the Camillus lineup. The Heat2, at 8-inches overall, is the largest of the three. The Wildfire2 follows closely behind with a total length of 6.75 inches, and the Sizzle2 is their small companion, a compact 5.5-inches overall.

Rage__clip side

The clip-side of the Rage everyday-carry knife. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

The opening action is quick and smooth on each. Handles are constructed of glass-filled nylon, with a solid finger guard to keep the hand from sliding forward unintentionally. They’re lightweight and each is equipped with a clip for carrying.

These three knives each feature a safety lock, textured handle, and are available with a straight or serrated edge. They’re priced very reasonably for the quality they are, at $29.99 for The Heat2, $24.99 for the Wildfire2, and the Sizzle2 at $21.99.

Camillus listened to customer feedback to produce another attractive knife for the everyday carry market as well. The Rage features a lightweight, ergonomic glass-filled nylon handle with stylish cut-outs, a semi-tanto style blade tip suitable for daily applications, and a high-set clip for discreet carry. It’s 7.25-inches overall, with a slim profile. It retails for $19.99.

All Camillus knives carry a lifetime warranty. With that kind of backing and with the affordability of these attractive knives, I’m tempted to purchase more than one. See for ordering and distributor information.

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