PA gunsmith talks making guns for Hollywood (VIDEO)

Ron Luckenbill of Emporium, Pennsylvania, began making guns more than 50 years ago and currently builds about a dozen long rifles each year, but one of his most recent creations can be seen on the big screen.

Luckenbill built the rifle used by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “The Revenant,” which features a story about famed frontiersman Hugh Glass exploring uncharted wilderness in 1823. Luckenbill said he got the call about the project in the summer of 2014, but he didn’t believe the voice on the other end, and, in fact, thought it was a scam. But it wasn’t.

“We subsequently concluded a deal to make the gun that Leonardo DiCaprio would be using in the movie,” he explained.

Luckenbill said the producers saw an Angstadt rifle on his website, and he made a duplicate in less than a month. In addition to the usual compensation, Luckenbill has a photo of the star holding his creation, complete with an autograph.

“It’s not an opportunity you get every day and this is a once in a lifetime shot for me,” Luckenbill said. “So I did the work that was necessary.”

See more of Luckenbill’s work here.

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