Booth Babes at SHOT Show 2016 – Day 3

There is a lot to see at the 38th edition of the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. Among the more eye-catching are the ever so diligent ladies on the showroom floor who do their very best to highlight and promote new products, equipment and, of course, guns. Here are some photos of the spokeswomen we were lucky enough to meet and chat with so far at SHOT Show 2016.

Emylee Ingram and Hannah Acey of Longleaf Camo.


Kelsey Johnson of Sabre with a MK60 Fog Pepper Spray dispenser


Sherry Barto of Barto Wildlife Collectables


Nicole Marie Jean and LeeAnna Vamp of Evike


Elizabeth Conroy of Ohio Ordnance Works with their Colt 1918 self loading rifle

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