Drug store cowboys make away with $1 mill in pills after safecrack (VIDEO)

Surveillance cameras tell the story of a pair of organized safe crackers who spent hours looting a Texas pharmacy of a fortune in narcotics and little blue pills.

The footage, captured by multiple cameras, show the scene inside the Super Value Pharmacy, 720 N. Industrial Boulevard in Euless on New Year’s Eve as the crooks crawled low enough on the floor to avoid motion detectors and, after leaving with as many bottles of cough syrup as they could tote, returned with a grinder to go after the safe.

At one point the safe started to smoke and flame– which the pill boosters quickly doused with cough syrup. In the end the thieves, who never set off an alarm, made away with an estimated $1 million in pain pills such as hyrdocodone, oxycontin/oxycodone and morphine, as well as limp-member fixing Viagra and Cialis.

The Star Telegram reports that, while the pharmacy had been attacked nine different times over the years, they have never before been the victim of such an organized or successful effort.

“The man who broke into the safe cleaned up his tools before he put them back up in his backpack,” said Super Value General Manager Jayne Laughbaum.

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