Ever wondered if a 1955 canned ration is still safe to eat? (VIDEO)

Steve1989 over at MREinfo acquired some military rations that dated back to the Korean War era and, waste not/want not, he cracked em open with the P38 and checked em out.

The two B-Unit cans stuffed with crackers, blackberry jam, peanut butter and cocoa beverage (“it tastes like chlorinated hot chocolate”) are from the Ration, Combat, Individual (RCI) system used by the military from 1950-1958 until the C-ration replaced them during the Vietnam-era.

“This peanut butter’s the same age as my mom…” says Steve as he goes to town on the rancid and metallic-smelling spread that was canned back when Buddy Holly was still playing gigs.

He does report that a day later he was still breathing.

“About 21 hours later right now, and I am just fine. Had indigestion, and slightly low energy today, but the energy part probably derived from a complete and utter lack of proper rest, as per usual whilst making these YT videos. It’s more than worth it for your enjoyment,” wrote Steve.

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