LAPD officer to run marathon in tac gear to raise money for charity (VIDEOS)

Officer Kristina Tudor with the Los Angeles Police Department will be spending Valentine’s Day running the LA Marathon with an extra 35 pounds of tactical gear.

Tudor, who tips the scales at just 115 pounds, will take on the full 26.2 mile event to raise money for the Badge of Heart organization which helps crime victims.

“An officer comes across a needy family or crime victim, we want to be first responders for those officers. So we want those officers to have the ability to come to us and hopefully we can provide some assistance to those needy families and crime victims,” LAPD officer Ken Lew with Badge of Heart explained to ABC7.

Tudor has been practicing three days a week with her gear which includes a K-pot, plate carrier (with armor in place), webgear, radio and bdu’s.

It’s not the first time that Tudor has suited up for a marathon.

In 2015, she ran in full Class A uniform (boots, utility belt with gear, Kevlar vest, tie, and cover) in order to raise money for the families of LAPD officers who were disabled or killed in the line of duty through the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation.

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