Can you shoot through a block of titanium? (VIDEO)

Starting off with a 1.5 inch block of titanium plate, Matt and the DemolitionRanch gang start off with .22LR and work their way up directly from there to see how the magic metal stands up.

The silvery metal is known for his lightweight and high strength which earned its name from Martin Heinrich Klaproth (who isn’t a fan of Klaproth?) in the 18th century after the Titans of Greek mythology.

In testing, Matt runs from the rimfire stuff to 9mm to .44 Mag to .45-70, an ounce of 12 gauge shotgun slug, 7.62x39mm, 5.56mm greentip (oh noes “armor piercing!) without much appreciable result.

Will anything make it through?

How about .50BMG blacktip AP as Kyrptonite?

You will be impressed.

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