Carjackers flee after mom fights back (VIDEO)

A couple of would-be carjackers quickly learned that their intended target wasn’t one to mess with.

The woman was pumping gas at a gas station in Hialeah, Florida, last week when suddenly one man jumped into the driver’s seat and another went to the other side with a gun.

The woman, who was a mother with her two children in the back seat, did not hesitate but immediately confronted the man in the driver’s seat, ripped the mask off of his face and flung him out of the car. It didn’t take the suspects long to figure out they would be better off getting out of there.

The entire encounter was captured on the gas station video surveillance cameras. Soon after the attempted carjacking, authorities caught up with the suspect – two men and and woman – and they were promptly arrested after a brief pursuit. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 17, Nicholas Rosado, 19, and Rebecca Utria, 21, now face charges for attempted carjacking and eluding the police.

The mother and her kids? Completely unharmed.

[ ABC News ]

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