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A 20-year-old man was shot and killed in his Fitzgerald, Georgia, home last week and his family believes his death had something to do with the nearly half a million dollars he won from the lottery back in November.

Craigory Burch, Jr. cashed out from the Fantasy 5 jackpot with a cool $434,272, but his girlfriend and the mother of his children, Jasmine Hendricks, said shortly after winning the money, Burch began getting phone calls and text messages warning him that there were people out to take the money from him.

Then last week, while the couple was at Burch’s home, a shotgun blast blew open the front door and three men wearing masks stormed in. Hendricks said Burch pleaded with the men not to kill him in front of her or their children.

“He said, ‘I’ll give you my bank card,’” Hendricks recalled, and Burch threw the intruders a pair of pants, which he thought held his wallet in one of the pockets. But after searching the pants, the intruders didn’t find his wallet, so they shot Burch, killing him instantly. The intruders then fled from the home empty-handed.

Police said they have some persons of interest, but no one is in custody at this time.

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