For peace of mind in a hazardous world: The Savior Shield


Covered 6 Training Director Jeanne Raede with the Shield. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

California-based Covered Six, in association with Condor Elite products, promoted a revamped product and new use of a ballistic shield at SHOT Show 2016. The Savior Shield looks like any normal laptop case when folded — an integrated handle makes it portable.

In an emergency, a quick tug of a hook-and-loop closure deploys a cover/concealment shield of ballistic nylon. One of the modular panels holds a plate that protects the user’s upper torso from bullet wounds. The plate area has a Level 3 protection rating. It weighs only 10 pounds with the plate, eight without. The entire device, sans plate, has Level 3A protection rating. It’s slash and stab resistant. Strategically positioned pockets provide room for a pistol or even a small carbine, extra magazines, less-lethal weaponry, and medical emergency gear.


The lightweight plate adds less than 3 pounds of protection from rifle rounds. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)

The Savior Shield is intended for use by anyone, from law enforcement personnel to schoolteachers, who may have need of on-the-spot defensive and/or rescue equipment without looking “tactical.”

In that vein, the company has placed the shield in the hands of university and elementary/secondary school faculty, in combination with a consulting package that includes a threat assessment and personnel training.

The company sees the Savior Shield not as a stand-alone product, but as a component of an overall plan, “RACE”—React Aggressively to Contain or Engage — for personal and/or facility safety.

The company welcomes inquiries for products, security assessment/consulting, and training of staff at every level. The Savior Shield is $899 sans plate; $1,299 plate included. Service fees vary according to the size and needs of the operation.

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