Armed ranchers in Oregon switch to sumo wrestler call-out as siege wears on (VIDEO)

Kelly Gneiting with the group of Bundy ranchers currently occupying the offices of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns donned a mawashi and called out Chris Christie.

The group, known as Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, but also termed the #TaliBanjo or Y’all Qaeda by some in the area, have been reaching for understanding through social media including complaining about latex-heavy mail calls as of late.

In the latest attempt to win hearts and minds, Gneiting threw on his diaper and offered to take on GOP Presidential dark horse New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a winner-take-all man-sweat in the snow match. Should Christie hulk up and beast mode over Gneiting in as little as 1 out of 10 matches, the constitutionalist has agreed to disperse.

And, as reported by the Oregoinian, Gneiting is a champion sumo wrestler and the “founder of the Bundy family’s political party — the Independent American Party.”

All we are missing is Don King here ladies and gentlemen to get this modern day and supersized Achilles vs. Boagrius show on the road.

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