Phoenix officer hands newly purchased shoes off to homeless man in need (VIDEO)

A Phoenix police officer who recently purchased a pair of shoes for his son realized there was a homeless man in greater need.

Officer Mark Valenzuela was on patrol when he ran into the homeless man and after he spoke with him for a bit noticed the man wasn’t wearing any shoes. Valenzuela said the man had socks on, but they were worn and his toes were beginning to poke through.

Initially, the officer went to purchase the man a pair of shoes, but apparently couldn’t find any that would fit him. Then the officer remembered he had a pair he bought for his son and as it turned out, they fit the man perfectly.

Valenzuela said the man then scraped up what little money he had in his pockets to pay for the shoes, but the officer refused the money and simply told him they were a gift from God.

“It doesn’t take much to show a little bit of kindness and give a complete stranger something. We all have the means to do that,” Valenzuela said, adding that he certainly isn’t the only officer to offer assistance to those in need, his random act just happened to be caught on camera.

[ 12 News ]

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