Firefighters pull over engine to give homeless man some shoes

firefighters give shoes to homeless manfirefighters give shoes to homeless manfirefighters give shoes to homeless man

When some California firefighters noticed a homeless man in need earlier this month, without skipping a beat, they pulled over their fire engine to assist the man.

The crew on the Engine 6-C just finished up some training when one of the firefighters noticed an elderly man walking very slowly down the side of the road. Upon further observation, they realized the man wasn’t wearing any shoes and was completely barefooted.

Without hesitation, the crew pulled over their rig. Firefighter David Gilstrap grabbed an extra pair of tennis shoes he had aboard and Captain Rob Gabler walked over to the man, helped him to put on the shoes, then offered him some water.

The everyday act of kindness was captured by Engineer Chris Adams and posted to the department’s Facebook page.

[ Riverside Fire Department ]

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