Get a .50-cal rifle for less than $1,000 (VIDEO)

It’s always fun to stop by the Serbu Firearms booth at SHOT Show. Mark is a down to earth and personable gun maker from Tampa, who has always got a unique and fascinating firearm to show off. New for 2016, he’s got an .50-caliber single-shot rifle called the RN-50 all for $875.

Mark developed it with the help of Youtuber Royal Nonesuch (hence the RN in the name). Together, they designed the gun based on feedback from Royal Nonesuch’s social media pages. The result is a unique single shot break-action .50-cal rifle.

Yet, it’s not a true break-action. There is a breach cap that screws and unscrews. It’s a bit slow but there are benefits to it, such as accuracy and price. Mark has put some high quality components into the gun making it an affordable and fun way for people to get into the .50 cal market.

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