137 shots cost 6 Cleveland officers their badges (VIDEO)

Six of the 13 Cleveland police officers involved in a deadly 2012 shooting have been fired, city officials announced Tuesday.

The shooting, which hailed 137 shots from law enforcement, took place following a high-speed chase and claimed the lives of Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30. Both were unarmed and each had been shot more than 20 times.

At the beginning of the chase, Russell’s car – a beat-up Chevy Mailbu – backfired, leading officers to believe Russell was armed and shooting a gun.

Of the more than a dozen officers involved, only one – Michael Brelo – faces charges. At 49 shots, Brelo fired more than any of the other officers. Additionally, the prosecution argues that Brelo, who allegedly jumped onto the hood of the Malibu and fired 15 rounds through the windshield, continued to fire even after Russell and Williams were no longer a threat.

[ WFAA ]

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