NY Times profiles NRA’s chief lobbyist

The National Rifle Association’s chief lobbyist Chris Cox has mostly been a behind-the-scenes man until recently, The New York Times reports in a recent profile piece.

Cox, 45, will likely inherit the throne, so to speak, when the NRA’s current head honcho, 67-year-old Wayne LaPierre, retires. While the message will remain, the execution of behind the scenes actions will likely change.

The newspaper reports that Cox has built up a significant power base of his own in the Capitol, and he’s known as not only the group’s chief lobbyist, but also its kingmaker: He leads its political action committee, which took in $31.3 million in the last three years to dole out on gun rights candidates and causes, and he is the ultimate arbiter of the coveted “grades” the group gives political candidates, which can make or break a campaign.

“You don’t get an A+ grade without Chris’s say-so,” said a former N.R.A. associate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the organization’s internal workings.

Check out the full piece at The New York Times

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