New products from Aimpoint for 2016 (VIDEO)

Keith Weaver of Aimpoint showed off the company’s newer products at Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show 2016.

The new products consist mainly of magnifiers designed to work in conjunction with the company’s popular electronic reflex sights.

The first is a 3x commercial magnifier that features a rugged build, quality roof prism optic and an adjustable diopter for focus. It is the most affordable at $307 not including the mount.

Next is the 3x professional magnifier that sports all of the same features as the 3x commercial magnifier, plus it can be submersed under 25 meters of water. It retails for $704 not including the mount.

Next is a 6x professional magnifier that has all of the same features as the 3x professional model above. It retails for $907 not including the mount.

Looking through all three optics, the image is very sharp and clear. I’m a fan of Aimpoint and I have a T1 and I like it. Being able to magnify it is a big plus when reaching out to longer distances.

There is also a new mount for the magnifiers that has the same twist mount function for easy on and off, but they have added a flip down to the side feature that means you can take a quick shot without the magnifier getting in the way or having to take it off. The entire new mount retails for $361 unless you already have the twist mount. Then you can just add the flip down part of it for $260.

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