Sometimes you just have to shrug off a bullet like its no big deal (VIDEO)

Quincy, Illinois is home to Devon Hawkins, who can take a round to the chest like a champ without his blood pressure raising above that of celery.

In the video above from KHQA, which has a smattering of rough language in it, Hawkins reveals to a responding reporter his “petty” taped chest wound, apparently from a round that was slowed down by his window, as he puffs away on a ciggy in the cold night air.

The best part, however, may be the epic back story delivered by Hawkins about the choirboys possibly responsible for the Friday night gun play in 15 words or less.

“I just know these (unintelligible) want me dead…like…on some other stuff,” advises Hawkins before taking a drag. No vapes for this chill young gentleman.

Remember folks, Quincy is the “Gem City” and as noted by the Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, “offers the perfect ‘unexpected’ getaway for family fun, romantic weekends, business meetings and huge conventions.”

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