Wannabe gangsters pull a gun at UT McDonald’s (VIDEO)

A wannabe gangster pulls a gun on McDonald’s employees and patrons in a new video from Salt Lake City, Utah.

At the start of the video, we see a McDonald’s employee throw a punch at a white Subaru as it pulls away from a drive-thru window after what seems to be a confrontation between the two parties.  Then, three “unknown” belligerents exit the car and taunt the restaurant employees, who subsequently close the drive-thru window. (I use “unknown” loosely because their license plate and faces are clearly visible throughout the video.)

The posturing continues and the three assailants turn their attention on the cameraman, who, for his own part, figures yelling “Worldstar” will better the situation. It doesn’t. Remaining highlights include this mafi-bro-so dropping his gun around 1:30 and the comic realization that these brats are riding around in mom’s Subaru, complete with ski rack.

No word yet on any criminal charges this trio may face.  Regardless of any future legal consequences, these jokers should count themselves very lucky that they didn’t face the real world consequences that could have come with encountering a CCW that night.


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