Kooky Gun Music Box project misses something in translation (VIDEOS)

You ever seen a gag lampooning European art projects and said, “Nah, they can’t really be that weird.” Well, oh yeah, they can. And are.

The project seemed really interesting in the background phase of its creative process. Dutch artist Tadas Maksimovas enlisted the help of Akko Goldenbeld, a renowned music box maker, and Jorg Sprave— well known here on the site as the Bavarian mad man who can whistle up projects better than an albino version of B.A. Baracus– to craft a steel music box that used 10 Beretta M92 9mm pistols to create a melody. (Chill, they used blanks, most of the time).

Jorge weighed in (before his beard transformation as of late) on some of his part of the project in the video below, detailing how he started small with “caps guns” so that it could be scaled up:

And more on the finished prototype with the Berettas is seen here (and they mention at one point they tried it without blanks which sounds like about 40 violations of the basic range safety rules, but hey…)

Then– and we stress that if you aren’t a Rammstein, Weissglut or Die Apokalyptischen Reiter fan you may not really vibe on this– we have the finished project where the music box accompanies Lithuanian artist Žygimantas Kudirka (aka MC Mesijus) while a gimp-masked music box attendant cranks out the Beretta orchestra.

Although in English, the overall performance may swing a little wide for some on this side of the pond. Or who knows, maybe you really find it groovy and are ripping it to your MP3 hoard right now. We don’t judge.

Also, if latex or Lithuanians dropping F-bombs may be NSFW for you depending on your job, you may want to watch this one later.



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