Man pulls gun on biker in road rage incident (VIDEO)

A driver casually pointed a pistol at a biker who confronted him at a stoplight in a town just outside of Las Vegas.

First-person video, shared on Jan. 30, of the incident filmed by the biker shows the man riding with a group beside a red pickup. The driver of the truck flips him off and they exchange words.

At a stoplight, the biker pulls to the passenger side door and knocks on the window. When he gets the attention of the driver and others riding inside the truck, he’s met with a “motherfucker” and the driver pointing a pistol at him.

The biker can be heard saying, “Take it easy. I didn’t do anything!”

It’s unclear what led up to the incident or why the gun was involved. Local media reports that the Henderson Police Department have identified the driver and that he is cooperating.

Authorities have not yet filed charges on anyone involved.

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