Sci-fi body armor that can stop real bullets (VIDEO)

A few days before Shot Show 2016 in Las Vegas, pictures of AR500’s sci-fi inspired body armor suit went viral. The suit contains real body armor designed to withstand a .44 magnum. found it fascinating and so we decided to pay the AR500 booth a visit at SHOT Show to find out more.

The project started when Ryan Flowers of CRS Sporting Goods posted some images on Instagram of a prototype suit he was working on called The Galactac Project. Having designed and crafted airsoft suits for years, Flowers thought it would be interesting to try to incorporate real body armor.

Derek Krogh of Stevens Advertising, who manages Heckler & Koch’s Instagram page, came across the images of the project and thought it would awesome to incorporate HK guns into the mix. He contacted Flowers who was interested and they got AR500 armor involved. It just snowballed from there.

There are plans to further develop The Galactac Project into a real body armor suit that will possibly be available for purchase. Who knows, Flowers might even find himself designing suits for the next sci-fi blockbuster.

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