This guy made a '95 percent' 3-D printed semi auto pistol (VIDEO)

This guy made a '95 percent' 3-D printed semi auto pistol (VIDEO)

The 9mm Shuty-MP1 may not be pretty, but it’s held up to over 600 rounds in testing so far. (Photo: YouTube)

Using only an aftermarket Glock 9mm barrel and a few springs and internals, a West Virginia man 3-D printed the rest of the gun from scratch.

DIY gun maker derwoodvw, a 47-year-old carpenter, crafted his very AR-ish/Tec-9 looking semi-auto pistol almost completely of plastic with the help of an off-the-shelf Fusion F306 3-D printer using Atomic PLA filament. It uses a no-weld bolt, a rock and roll ejector, quick connect mag lock and a two-stage buffer to help tame the parabellum beast.

The home-build gun, dubbed the Shuty-MP1 is semi-auto and is good for about 18 shots at a time before the plastic begins to get melty enough to have to cool down.

You can see the construction unfold in the video below

He is working on a updated design that uses nylon instead of plastic to make a beefier gun. And yes, it fires.

“I have already fired over 600 rnds  through the Shuty MP-1. You can safely fire two mags through the gun without any damage. Its just a good idea to let it cool before firing more,” writes derwood.

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