Armed robber gets taken down by military vet (VIDEO)

An armed robber attempting to hold up a Brevard County, Florida, gas station last week didn’t realize beforehand that the clerk on duty was one badass military veteran.

The suspect walked into the gas station on Jan.26, pulled a gun, demanded money, and while the clerk initially appeared to comply with the robber’s demands, the tables quickly turned, as capture by the store’s security cameras.

The clerk, an unnamed veteran who served several tours in Iraq, came at the robber, repeatedly punching him and eventually disarming the suspect, who subsequently decided it was time to go and ran out of the door.

As it turned out, the pistol was an airsoft gun.

The suspect escaped, but authorities do not think he will be returning.

“Although I never encourage our citizens to actively engage criminals over money or personal possessions, I bet this criminal thinks twice before taking on a U.S. Veteran again!” the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office noted on their Facebook page.

[ FOX 13 ]

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