How long did it take CMP to sell out of M1 Carbines? (VIDEO)

When the Civilian Marksmanship Program mentioned they would be selling a limited amount of surplus M1 Carbines from Army stocks via mail order and in their stores, gun enthusiasts jumped.

The last time a large quantity of the handy little .30 Caliber Carbines were up for grabs was five years ago and the market seemed ready to snatch up the $685 WWII/Korean War era rifles.

The start of the mail order rifle sale was Monday Feb. 1 and by 1 p.m. the CMP posted on their social media account that they had received 23 tubs of mail seeking the guns and that they were effectively sold out through that avenue of fulfillment.

How long did it take CMP to sell out of M1 Carbines (VIDEO)

That’s a lot of mail. Now if they can ever get those M1 Carbines and Garands from Korea all would be right with the world. (Photo: CMP)

“CMP Customer Service Associates are working hard to randomly pick and begin to process order,” they stated. “Please do not call or email regarding the status of your order – this slows down our process. Lucky customers whose Carbine order has been picked will receive confirmation in the next week or two. We appreciate your support and patience.”

Then on Feb. 4 an even smaller lot of guns went on sale at their two stores, located in Port Clinton, Ohio and Anniston, Alabama.

Below shows the pandemonium at CMP North in Ohio near Camp Perry on Thursday as buyers came in to pick out their carbines.

Each store had about 35 weapons up for grabs.

We can only imagine what the crowds will be like for the 1911s…

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