Gunboy, 8, attempts to rob store with Mom's gun (VIDEO)

Entering the store with a bike helmet and baggy clothes, the youth had a loaded 9mm handgun when he tried to stick up the King Foods in West Palm Beach on Friday.

The unidentified mini-bandit luckily did not have a round chambered in the pistol when a store employee wrestled the gun away after he presented it and demanded money.

“As soon as I moved I reached over to him, twisted his wrist, took the gun away,” said the employee who didn’t want to use his name. Police later took the child into custody and he has been banned from visiting the store unaccompanied.

Eboni Alls, the boy’s mother, said she figured out her gun was missing when she picked up her purse.

“When I grabbed my purse, I’m like, it was so light. I’m like, I knew I was missing something. I said, ‘Where’s my gun?'” Alls said.

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