What happened to Chicago's rifle ranges? (AUDIO)

In Chicago, talk of guns generally revolves around gun violence and gun control, so it’s no surprise Curious City sees many questions along those lines.

One question broke that mold, though; it’s about gun ranges and shooting as a sport. The guy behind the question is Bob Collar, from Homewood, Illinois.

Bob grew up shooting a smallbore rifle, which is a kind of gun (also known as .22 caliber), but it’salso a competitive sport. Bob says shooters used to practice at ranges all over Chicago. Off the top of his head, Bob can rattle off a long list of range locations: the ComEd building at Cermak and Wabash, the University of Chicago, the Madison Street Armory, and the Chicago Armory, to name a few.

Chances are, you’ve never heard of any of these ranges because they no longer exist. In fact, there isn’t a single shooting range open to the general public in Chicago today, for rifles or otherwise. That’s what makes Bob’s question so great:

What happened to all the indoor smallbore rifle ranges I used to frequent?

[ WBEZ ]

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