Dash cam captures suspect being ejected from vehicle during high-speed chase (VIDEO)

Idaho State Police released dash cam footage from a pursuit in Boise last year that ended with the suspect behind bars after he flipped his truck while trying to escape from authorities.

The incident occurred on April 9, around 7 p.m. when an officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop with 32-year-old Jose Manuel Sanchez, who, in turn, used his truck to ram the patrol car, pinning the officer’s leg between the door.

A short time later, Idaho State Police Trooper Kenny Walker spotted Sanchez on the highway and again initiated a traffic stop. Sanchez again refused to stop and as the officer pursued him, speeds topped 100 miles per hour.

Eventually, Sanchez crossed through the center median, before coming back across the highway and rolling his truck several times. As the truck rolled, Walker’s dash cam captured Sanchez being thrown from his truck about 20 feet straight up into the air. According to Walker’s report, he witnessed Sanchez land head first on the ground.

Despite flipping the truck, being ejected from the vehicle and falling on his head from 20 feet in the air, Sanchez got up and started running.

“Sanchez ran across the grass median and into oncoming westbound traffic,” Walker wrote in his report. “(He) veered back to the left and into the median, and it was at this time that I tackled Sanchez from behind.”

At that point, two passersby stopped to help Walker detain Sanchez, who was arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, drug possession and felony eluding. He was convicted of the charges in December and is currently serving 18 years in prison, with eligibility for parole in 2020.

[ East Idaho News ]

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