Hot new grips from Pachmayr for 2016

A row of practice guns equipped with Pachmayr grips at SHOT. (Photo: Kristen Alberts)

A row of practice guns equipped with Pachmayr grips at SHOT. (Photo: Kristen Alberts)

The company known for its innovation in replacement and aftermarket grips is expanding their line with some impressive new items debuted at SHOT Show 2016. Pachmayr introduced laminate and G10 handles for revolvers and pistols.

Pachmayr’s Renegade wood laminate revolver grips will be released in late February-early March 2016. They’re available in either Rosewood or Charcoal Silvertone with each color option coming in either checkered or smooth. The initial run will fit Smith & Wesson wheel guns in J, K, L and N frames with a suggested retail price of $44.98.


Pachmayr’s G10 display at Shot Show 2016. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)

In addition to the Renegade Revolver is a Renegade Handgun line with the same color options. The laminate handgun grips are all highly polished and CNC checkered for a sure hold. The Renegade Handgun grips are slated to be available for most popular semi-autos, including many 1911’s, Ruger Mk III and 22/45, Beretta 92, CZ 75, and Sig 238 and 938.

Retail will be $29.98 regardless of options and should release at the same time as the revolver version.

Generating the most interest at Pachmayr’s booth were the new G10 Tactical Pistol Grips. The G10 material—a fiberglass-based epoxy-resin laminate—is quickly become an industry standard in tough, tactical pistol and knife stocks.

The multi-layered laminate G10 construction allows the use of different colors, creating intriguing patterns as the grips are machined. Pachmayr’s G-10 Tactical Pistol Grips will be available in two textures, a more coarse Grappler pattern or a fine checkered version. An initial run of two color patterns–green/black and grey/black—have been shown, though we expect more additions down the line.

The G10’s are slated to fit the same weapons as the Renegade Handgun lineup. MSRP is set to be $44.98 and they are slated to hit the market sometime in March-April.

We got our hands on these new grips at SHOT, and appreciated the quality and feel of the grips, especially the Renegade Reveolver line. Stay tuned to for a more in-depth review in the near future as the release date nears.

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