Lobbing mortar rounds towards, around and through a Ford F-150

NFA Destructive Devices are fun and can install an instant sunroof in your truck if fired from within the cabin as found out by the FullMag crew.

Richard and the gang somehow got their hands on a light mortar (60mm? Then again the tube is kinda long so it may be an 81) and proceeded to bracket his truck with inert training rounds. Note, at one point they stand in the impact zone which we don’t recommend as even inert hunks of steel are still inert hunks of steel falling potentially onto your noggin. That’s coloring books for Christmas for the rest of your life if you are very, very lucky.

Still, shooting through the roof of the truck is kinda comical and the shell’s-eye view is great.

And just be glad they weren’t using HE shells rigged for impact or airburst as in the below. Now that would be epic.

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