Reaching across the gun divide in New Hampshire

The New York Times looks at gun culture in New Hampshire, one of the most gun friendly states in the country, and highlighted local attitudes toward owning firearms.

It started as a conversation in a Quonset hut decorated with game trophies and a poster of President Obama labeled “Firearms Salesman of All Time.” The club president, Rick Olson, Mr. Boilard, Robert Cormier and Mark Gashi had answers to most of the questions and arguments I could think of.

They believe the Constitution is clear about what guns are for, and hunting and target shooting are the least of it. Guns don’t threaten safety. Self-defense is a right, and law and order is a citizen’s duty, especially when cops and ambulances are farther away than rapists and home invaders. Yes, gun massacres happen, and suicides, and accidents, but the evil and sickness that drive people to homicide will find their outlet without guns. The solution to accidents is training.

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