128 workers from IL jail call in sick on Super Bowl Sunday (VIDEO)

Over 100 workers from an Illinois jail called in sick on Sunday, which was incidentally the same day of the Super Bowl.

The Cook County jail was short by 128 workers on the day of the big game, and according to a recent investigation by NBC, seven of the 10 most commonly used sick days by Cook County Jail employees coincide with major sporting events that are televised. The number of “sick” employees Sunday was about one-third more than the average for any other typical, non-sporting event day.

Likewise, the Cook County Sheriff indicates excessive “sick” days are responsible for recent lockdowns, but a spokesman with the Teamsters Local 700 says that just isn’t true and that the workers are unfairly being targeted for taking days off that are both well-earned and much-needed.

[ NBC Chicago ]

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