Most popular NY Times comments touch on on guns, racism

The New York Times compiled a list of the newspaper’s five most popular comments from articles on its website. The Times says it reviews an estimated 9,000 comments a day and more than 60,000 contributors per month, which generates roughly 2 million comments per month.

The second most popular comment, which touched on guns and racism, was in response to a follow up article on the mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last summer. The piece was a sweeping overview of the horrific incident after a suspect was arrested.

2. Bystander from Upstate

re: Church Massacre Suspect Held as Charleston Grieves

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“ … we’ll never understand what motivates anyone to enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another,’ the governor said.”

Indulge me as I throw out a couple hypotheticals:

• Hysterical, paranoid gun culture enabled by states trying to outdo each other with permissiveness

• Hysterical, hate-mongering right-wing TV “news,” talk show hosts, web sites

• Foaming-at-the-mouth incitements to racism

• Continued un- and underemployment

Most of these could be addressed by people of intelligence and good will. I wonder where we could find some.

[ The New York Times ]

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