Are you looking for integrally suppressed .22 rifle that's 'click' quiet?

Jeb Burnett over at ARMTAC just dropped this video of one of their Monotube integral suppressors on a bolt-action .22LR that’s seems like it fits the bill.

Mounted on a CZ 455 American series .22 LR rifle, the sleeved ported barrel and removable separate baffle stack suppressor keeps the barrel to 16.5 inches overall. Shooting Remington bulk pack “Golden Bullets” in the video, the 455/Monotube combo seems more subdued than the dog barking in the Arkansas distance. The supersonic crack of the HV ammo vanishes as well since the fps trims to about 950-1050 due to the barrel porting (remember, gang, to be rated as subsonic, the load needs to be at or below around 1125 feet per second).

And the best part is the gun/suppressor/barrel is sold as single tax stamp item for $1150. As the MSRP from CZ on the 455 is $421 alone, that’s really not that bad of a deal.

Oh, and as for the shooting over the railroad, Jeb goes on in the comments to explain it’s a “Semi active line. I own the property, they have an easement. And this is Arkansas, not California.”

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