Fore! This golf ball cannon is made from an old 12 gauge (VIDEO)

Taking a surplus Mossberg bolt-action shotgun and a cut down charge, this guy gets more than a 100 yards out of a standard golf ball.

Tim with Tactical G-Code removed the stock and barrel from the Mossy, added a steel barrel to it, then used a 12 gauge blank to rocket a bright orange Nitro golf ball into the distance with a “bloop.”

As a U.S. golf ball is 1.68-inches in diameter, that would make his gun at least 1.69 caliber (43mm) if its a tight fit, so if building your own make sure you are NFA compliant.

Now on to add furniture and keep testing.

“I want to see where a golf ball’s failure point is or what it will take to send it a 1/2 mile whichever one comes first that’s were I will stop,” Tim says in the comments.

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