EP Armory speaks out about ATF agreement (VIDEO)

A Bakersfield gun store owner agreed to forfeit 3,804 lower receivers to the feds after a 2014 raid by the ATF, but he did not have to admit to wrongdoing.

Chris Cook, owner of EP Armory, called the issue a clerical error and said his former lawyer gave the ATF the wrong information, which led to a raid in April 2014.

The ATF said Cook violated federal firearms laws by manufacturing and selling unserialized polymer lower receivers.

“At no point in time did we ever have a fire control group and at no point in time obviously did we ever break the law,” he said in a video he posted to discuss his side of the incident.

“The way that it was interpreted by our legal team was completely opposite, so they were putting the chicken in front of the egg,” he said.

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