Angry at your ex? Houston gun range has V-Day package for that (VIDEO)

Sure, some folks may be opting for flowers, chocolates or possibly some sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day, but others are looking to shoot up some teddy bears at a Houston gun range.

At Bovert Shooting Range, you gan purchase a bear in-house, or you can bring your own bear to destroy.

“I’m a single guy and it gives me a chance to let loose a little bit,” Johnny Nguyen explained to reporters.

But Carolyn Grant said, “It’s kind of a little creepy.”

The event isn’t all about squelching your heartbreak – or the complete lack thereof – through firepower. It’s held every year at the range, is actually a fundraiser for the Houston Police Department.

So Grant said, even though it is a little creepy, “Like it or not, I’m going to shoot a teddy bear.”

[ KHOU ]

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