Dash cam footage released of fatal shootout involving SC officers (VIDEO)

Authorities out of Cayce, South Carolina, released dash cam footage from a confrontation that led to a deadly shootout in November 2015.

The officers are seen talking with Demetrius Bryant, 21, when one of the officers discovers Bryant has a small bag of weed in his pocket. As they try to apprehend Bryant, the officer calmly explains that it’s just a misdemeanor, essentially not that big of a deal. But Bryant continues to resist being detained, despite the officer’s warning that he’s only going to make the situation worse by continuing to resist.

After struggling with the officers for some time, Bryant managed to free one hand, then reached around and grabbed a gun he had tucked into the back of his waistband. An exchange of gunfire ensued, during which time one officer was injured and Bryant was killed.

Following an investigation by the State Law Enforcement Division and the Cayce Department of Public Safety, the11th Circuit Solicitor’s Office found a “lack of any sufficient evidence that would support criminal charges” against the officers.

[ The State ]

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