Jeb tweets pic of his (new) FNX, gets mixed reviews

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, amidst a bid to become the third in the family to sit in the Oval Office, shared a moment on twitter Tuesday.

The simple post, showing an image of a black FNX 45 pistol atop a nylon gun case, complete with “Gov. Jeb Bush” engraving atop the slide, said simply, “America.”

Notably, FN USA employs some 3,000 at their plant in Columbia, South Carolina, a state where an important primary is set for Febuary 20. Bush received the gun as a gift during a tour of the facility on Tuesday.

The tweet was immediately liked by both Team Bush and gun rights supporters including the National Rifle Association which isn’t a surprise as the governor passed what was known at the time as the “Six-Pack for Freedom” package of gun laws in the Sunshine State during his tenure in office.

However some of the other 22,000~ likes and retweets ranged from images of Nintendo Zappers to fantasy bladed weapons to Vampire kits and even TV dinners.

Political opposites to include New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a staunch Democrat who signed one of the most restrictive gun control schemes in U.S. history into law, blasted Bush, saying, “To say that a handgun is America — I mean, what are you trying to say? You’re really playing to peoples’ fears in the worst sense. I don’t think it’s helpful. I don’t even think it works politically.”

Then left-leaning media, exemplified by Igor Volsky at Think Progress went on the digital offensive, tweeting, “A man running for president of the United States just tweeted a picture of a handgun with his name on it.”

To which conservative pundit Charles C. W. Cooke with the National Review replied simply with the now-famous image of President Obama shooting clays taken in August 2012, just three months before his reelection to a second term.

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