Nerf steps up toy offerings with HD cameras and 68 mph velocities (VIDEOS)

Drac reports from Toy Fair 2016 that Nerf has a series of updated guns with an on-board camera attachment (720p HD) and a full-auto rifle with a 40 round magazine.

The Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000, in the video above, is billed as the first fully-automatic blaster to shoot projectiles at speeds of 68 miles per hour and comes with a 40 shot easy-load mag. (Relax, that sounds fast, but its really just 100 fps.)

The Nerf Modulus Blaster, below, with the Battlescout camera attachment can take either stills or HD video and seems really sweet. Sweet enough for us to wonder why they never had cool crap like this when we were kids.

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