Sketchy good sam returns found wallet, kinda, well not really

thanks.. I think?

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After a Brooklyn man lost his wallet while out at a concert, he was surprised to get a package in the mail two weeks later from a shady good samaritan.

Inside was a note that read, “I found your wallet, and your drivers license had your address so here’s your credit cards and other important stuff. I kept the cash because I needed weed, the MetroCard because, well, the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet ’cause it’s kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles, Anonymous.”

Hey, not everyone can be an astronaut.

Former wallet owner Reilly Flaherty, who posted the note to Instagram above, told NBC New York he was taking it all in stride but had already canceled the credit cards– but the venue where he lost the wallet at is offering him free ticks to a coming show, which kinda eases the sting a little.

“If nothing else, it’s something me and my friends have laughed about quite a bit,” said Flaherty.

[ NBC New York ]

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