Denver LEO memorial vandalized with red paint… again (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, a memorial for fallen police officers that stands outside of the Denver Police Department was vandalized with red paint, about a year after another similar incident occurred.

The paint was poured over the memorial sometime Sunday night and was discovered the following morning. Denver Police Chief Robert White called those responsible “disturbed individuals.”

“I really felt sick,” White said of the vandalism. “That memorial really represents the men and women who have given their lives serving this community. To deface it is just a dishonor to those individuals as well as to the men and women of this department and this community as a whole who support what we do each and every single day.”

Likewise, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement that the “despicable act” left him “extremely saddened and angered.”

“To show such utter disrespect for the people who have given their lives in the line of duty to protect ours is unconscionable,” the mayor added.

Sunday’s act was at least the third time the memorial has been vandalized. In February of last year, red paint was again poured on top of the memorial. Then, in October 2015, the words “Fu*k Cops” were spray painted on the memorial.

The memorial has since been cleaned and authorities are looking for those responsible.

[ Fox 31 ]

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