Pizzeria employees fight back against armed robbers (VIDEO)

Three suspects intent on robbing a Houston pizza joint last week quickly learned that the employees weren’t ready to go without a fight.

The daughter of the owner of Daddy O’s Pizza said the three suspects came in wearing hoodies and pretending to be paying customers.

“They placed an order and once they went inside to make the order, the three of them jumped the counter and came back and put a gun to his head,” she said.

The girl, who did not want to be identified, described the violent robbery that left her father’s shoulder broken and the cash register empty.

“My dad got hit in the face with a gun. My aunt was punched right and left by two guys,” she added. “They pulled her hair out of her head. She was bleeding from the top of her head.”

But before the suspects made it out of the front door, two employees gave them a run for their money. Video surviellence showed the two – a man and a woman – grab chairs and start swinging at the armed robbers, who scrambled to get out of the restaurant.

The pizza shop is closed until further notice, but the owner warned that if and when the robbers return, they will all have guns of their own and not hesitate to use them.

[ ABC 13 ]

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